This is a picture predicting how long it would take nature to take over again after the freak destruction of humanity (originally from the Times, but via boingboing).

The graphic isn’t actually all that astounding, but the idea is fascinating. If I had even the least amount of graphic-design mojo I’d love to make a poster on the same topic.

In other news, it’s very bad how much easier it is to go through your emails after a bottle of wine. Unanswered emails really shouldn’t be that frightening. Bills, I can accept – the not-quite-monthly ‘get drunk and write cheques’ is as close to a financial routine as I have – but emails going over to the dark side of things I hide from is bad news.

Now, off out to “50% depeche mode, 50% kraftwerk”, which is a fantastic goth(ish) club night.

Edit: link should work now!

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