Statues defaced in Turkmenistan

You try to protest against one of the nastiest governments in the world, putting your life at incredible risk, trying to slowly build some kind of resistance – and nobody notices, except for the government you’re fighting against. That’s what’s just happened in Turkmenistan, according to [the website of an anti-government group]( (RUS):
On 17 February, somebody removed the hand holding the [Ruhnama]( from a statue of President Niyazov, in ‘Turkmenbashi Square’ in the city of Mary. Another statue in the region had a bucket of shit thrown on it, and in Ashkhabad somebody has gone as far as scattering leaflets calling for the overthrow of the government
Pretty good going – but costly. The reaction has involved investigations, mass detentions, troops moved into Ashkhabad, and the arrest of two unfortunate souls.
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