I’m in dire need of some dancing tonight. I’ve been immobile for almost a fortnight now, and I’ve got to the point where my limbs are jiggling about by themselves.

Any suggestions? Not too bothered about type of music or whether anyone I know is there (as the goths among you know, I dance to anything and don’t talk much in clubs anyway), which I guess means open to anything in cambridge.

My choices seem to be a Led Zepplin cover band at the Junction (I think somebody on my friends list said they were going, but I have no idea who), two acoustic things (would be nice, but probably not much of a knees-up), or folk at the portland arms (but the portland is too small a place to go to alone).


  • public service announcement for cufs people: one of those acoustic events is in Clowns, so presumably the venue for this evening will be changing
  • George Galloway is speaking in Cambridge this evening. Must control the urge to throw eggs!
  • We’re all neighbours is a pretty useful listings site, for those of us outside the university and so not seeing event posters at every turn.

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